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Antioxidant 1024

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Antioxidant 1024


Formula C34H52N2O4  Antioxidant-1024- CAS 32687-78-8 chemical
Molecular Weight 553
CAS# 32687-78-8



Appearance White to slightly yellowish  crystalline powder


>Features: 1024 is a metal deactivator that acts as a hindered phenolic antioxidant.

>It is used in conjunction with phenolic antioxidants, phosphites / phosphonites, thio-synergists and other co-additives.

>Most suited for PA, PE, rubbers and PP applications. More efficient if it is added to the polymeric substance used in insulated electric wire and cable. Also it’s perfect melting nature makes it easily to mix with and into the substance mentioned above and other polymeric substance system without any dispersing problem.

>The general dosage of antioxidant 1024 is of 0.1% to 0.5%.


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