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NiMo Raschig Rings, Grading Rings

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NiMo Raschig Rings, Grading Rings

NiMo Raschig Ring, Grading Rings
it is hollow cylinder active bed grading material for removal of contaminants, against pressure drop build-up and distribution optimization purpose, the grading cylinders are NiMo impregnated used at the top of the hydrotprocesing reactors and similar applications.

NiMo Raschig Ring provides high void capacity to trap particulates and protect against pressure drop build-up.

NiMo Raschig Ring also provides moderate hydrogenation activity to control the saturation of reactive component and mitigate the ploymerization and fouling.


Product Properties
Form: Nominal Size: 3.2, 4.0, 4.8, 6.4, 9.0mm diameter
Pore Volume, cc/g: 0.5-0.6
Compostion: NiMo, Balance: Alumina
Sock-loading Density: 520-620 kg/m3 ± 3% depending on loading technique
Crush Strength: 3 kg
Void Fraction: 50 -55%
Packaging: 100 kg in 200 liter metal drums, 500 kg in 1,100 liter super sacks (IBC flexible)

Associated Applications
NiMo Raschig Ring is a cost-effective material with high particulate capacity for pressure drop control, which is designed as grading media of hydrotreaters.


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