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Antioxidant B 225

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Antioxidant B 225


Formula 6683-19-8 : 31570-04-4

Antioxidant 1010:Antioxidant 168=1:1



Appearance White powder


>Features: Maintenance of original melt flow; low color formation; in addition improvement of long-term thermal stability.

>Irganox B225 is used in polyolefins and olefin-copolymers such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polybutene and ethylene-vinylacetate copolymers, also can be used in other polymers such as engineering plastics, styrene homo-and copolymers, polyurethanes, elastomers, adhesives and other organic substrates.

>The concentration levels for B225 range typically from 0.1 % to 0.5 % depending on substrate and processing conditions.

>Antioxidant B225 can be used in combination with light stabilizers.


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