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Hydroprocessing Catalysts for Special Oils

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Hydroprocessing Catalysts for Special Oils



FIW Series Special Oil Catalyst

Lubricating oil hydrogenation unit

FIW series catalyst employs noble metal as active component and novel zeolite as acidic
component, which makes the catalyst have great feedstock adaptability, high reactivity, good
selectivity and stability. FIW series catalyst is designed to process various feedstocks such as
vacuum gas oil, light deasphalted oil, foot oil, petrolatum, wax paste, hydrocracking tail oil,
paraffin wax, ceresine wax and F-T synthetic oil in order to produce API I, II, III, III+ lubricating
base oil products, industrial white oil (I, II) products, cosmetic grade white oils and food grade
white oil.


FDW Series Hydrodewaxing Catalyst

Hydro-dewaxing and hydro-upgrading unit

The catalyst FDW-3 is a hydro-dewaxing catalyst featuring in rational pore structure, good
synergy of acidity and hydrogenation activity, high hydro-dewaxing activity, excellent selectivity,
high mechanical strength, and good adaptability to feedstock. The catalyst FDW-3 can be
applied in combination with hydrogenating catalyst for the hydro-dewaxing or hydro-upgrading
of wax containing inferior diesel to produce low sulfur and low freezing point clean diesel, and it
can also be used for the hydro-dewaxing of lubricating oil to produce lube base oil.


RIW Series Hydroisomerization Dewaxing Catalyst

Diesel lubricating oil hydrodewaxing units

RIW-2 catalyst is designed for hydroisomerization dewaxing processes of biomass jet fuel,
Fischer-Tropsch synthetic wax, paraffinic & intermediate-base crude oil, unconverted oil and
high pour point naphthenic oil in order to produce low melting point jet fuel and high-grade lube
base oil. RIW-2 catalyst has high hydrodewaxing activity, good hydroisomerization selectivity,
and stability.


RL Series Lubricating Base Oil Hydrotreating Catalyst

Lubricating base oil hydrotreating unit

RL-1 catalyst is clover shape catalyst with Ni-W as active components designed for production
of medium or top grade lubricating base oil and white oil from various feedstock under medium
or high pressure. This catalyst has excellent balanced hydrogenation and acid cracking function.
It can effectively improve the viscosity index and meanwhile keep higher yield of lubricating
base oil. RL-2 catalyst is an improved butterfly shape catalyst with Ni-Mo-W as the active
components. Compared with RL-1 catalyst, it has higher hydrogenation activity and higher
capability to improve the viscosity index, consequently, the space velocity of RL-2 can be
increased by over 20%, or the reaction temperature decreased by 5-10℃


RLF Series White Oil Hydrofining Catalyst

White oil hydrofining unit and lube base oil hydrofining unit

RLF-10W is a noble metal white oil hydrogenation catalyst with excellent aromatic saturation
activity, weak hydrocracking activity, low diffusion resistance, appropriate shape and mechanical
strength. It is mainly used in the second stage of two-stage hydrogenation process for white oil
production or in the unit requiring high aromatic saturation rate to produce food grade white oil
of various viscosity.
RLF-20 is developed and manufactured on the basis of RLF-10W, and has all advantages of RLF10W. RLF-20 catalyst adopts the proprietary preparation technology to allow a better active
metal dispersion, improved aromatic saturation activity and resistance to sulfur poisoning.


FV Series Paraffin Wax Hydrogenation Catalyst

White oil hydrofining unit

The catalyst FV series is a set of special oil products and paraffin wax hydrogenation catalysts.
The catalyst FV series is featured in large pore volume and large specific surface area, narrow
pore size distribution and excellent activity, mechanical strength. The quality of paraffin wax
produced by the catalyst FV series, at condition of middle pressure, low temperature, high space
velocity and low H2/wax ratio, can still meet the requirements for the food grade wax.


RJW Series Paraffin Hydrorefining Catalyst

Hydrorefining unit

RJW series of catalysts are used for the production of paraffin wax and micro-crystalline
wax meeting food-grade standard. RJW catalysts have the features of weak acidity and high
hydrogenation activity, which includes brands of RJW-1, RJW-2 and RJW-3.
RJW-1 and RJW-2 are alumina-supported Ni-W catalysts. The catalysts are extrudates with
three-leaf shape of cross-section, which are in favor of gas-liquid distribution in the reactor,
and increase utilization coefficient of catalyst surfaces. The catalysts have appropriate pore
structures, and help to decrease diffusion resistance of reactants. The hydrogenation and
aromatic saturation performance of catalysts is good, whereas the cracking property is weak.
RJW-3 catalyst is new generation of wax-hydrorefing catalyst. It is alumina-supported Ni-Mo-W
catalyst and its extrudates are butterfly shape of cross-section. The catalyst is produced by a
novel method. The overall performance is better than that of RJW-1 and RJW-2 catalysts. As
RJW-3 catalyst features excellent HDN, HDS, HDO and aromatic saturation activity as well as
good coke tolerance, it is widely used for processing inferior feedstock, such as coke tar, lube
oil, waste edible oil, and so on.


FHJ Series Solvent Oil Hydrorefining Catalyst

Solvent oil hydrorefining unit

The catalyst FHJ-2 is a solvent oil hydrorefining catalyst featuring in mild reaction conditions
and it has high hydrogenation activity. It’s particularly advantageous for olefins and aromatics
hydrogenation saturation. The dearomatization rate can reach over 99% in mild conditions. The
catalyst FHJ-2 is suitable for producing high quality lubricating oil, hydrogenated resin, super
low aromatic solvent oil, pharmaceutical or food grade white oil, naphthenic hydrocarbon made
from aromatics saturating. It is also suitable for producing other petrochemical products that
have strict limitation on aromatics content.


TORH Series Reformate Selective Hydrogenation Catalyst

Aromatics complex

TORH series catalyst is designed to replace carclazyte for selective olefin reduction in reformate
process. TORH series catalyst is a catalyst with noble metal as active component, which makes
it have better olefin selective hydrogenation activity, selectivity and stability.



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