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Sodium Aluminate

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Sodium Aluminate

Sodium Aluminate

SA-C-001 Sodium Aluminate is a white powder and readily soluble in water, it is colorless, odorless and strongly alkaline. Sodium
aluminate can play an irreplaceable role in the field of alkali applications, providing a source of highly reactive alumina.
SA-C-001 Sodium Aluminate is an ideal raw material for catalysts and catalyst carriers


Appearance: White powder
Assay:  85  _ 91.3
Al2O3: 50 _ 51.86
Na2O: 38 _ 39.53
Na2O/Al2O3 – 1.25+/-0.05 1.27
Fe: max 150 _ 59.87
pH: min 12  _ 13.6
Water Insoluble Substance:  max 0.5  _ 0.06

Packages: Small Bags with Pallet, net 25 KG/ea. Other packages are available


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