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Hydrotreating Catalyst

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Hydrotreating Catalyst

Hydrotreating Catalyst
it is a high activity NiMo Type catalyst in Chempack hydortreating catalyst family.

Hydrotreating Catalyst has high denitrification and olefin hydrogenation activities, as well has superior desulfurization activity. HyKat HT-16 is delivered under oxide form. It can be sulfided in-situ by injection of a sulfur agent.

Hydrotreating Catalyst is available with a diameter of 1.3 mm or 1.6 mm or 2.5 mm.


Product Properties
Composition: Nickel/Molybdenum on activated alumina balance Al2O3
Form: Trilobe: 1.3 mm / 1.6 mm / 2.5 mm / 3.2 mm / 6.4 mm
Sock-loading Density: 750-880 kg / m3 depending on loading technique
Crush Strength: 1.0 kg/mm
Loss on Ignition: 7%
Packaging: 150 kg in 200 liter metal drums, 1000 kg in 1,100 liter super sacks (IBC flexible)

Associated Applications
Hydrotreating Catalyst NiMo hydrotreating Catalyst is developed for HDS, nitrogen removal for use in applications where a large variety of functions are needed especially in cracked Naphtha, olefin saturation reactors, first stage HDN/HDM of hydrocracker, FCC pretreatment etc.


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