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Resid Hydrotreating Catalysts

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Resid Hydrotreating Catalysts

RUF-30A/RUF-31/RUF-32/RUF-33/RUF-31S/RUF-32S/RUF-33S/RG-30T/200/201/202,RDM-200/201/202/203,RMS-3/30,RCS-30/31/41,RCS-201/202/203/FZC-23/24/25/26/28/28A/28B/200/201/202/203/204/204A/FZC-33B/33BT/34B/34BT/FZC-41B/41BT/FEC-10/FES-30/FEM-10/FET-10/FZC-12B/12B-3/12B-5/12B-6/100B/105/106/103D/103E/1MN/2MN/3MN, FGF-01/02


RUF Series Up-Flow Resid HT Catalyst

Up-Flow fixed bed resid hydrotreating unit

RUF series catalyst is designed to process AR and VR for up-flow fixed bed resid hydrotreating
unit. RUF catalyst has excellent hydrodesulfurization, hydrodenitrogenation activity. With high
pore volume and suitable pore structure, RUF catalyst demonstrates excellent metal tolerance
and demetallization ability.


RHT Series Resid Hydrotreating Catalyst

Fixed bed resid hydrotreating unit

It is used in fixed bed hydrotreating unit to process AR and VR, in order to produce highquality catalytic cracking feedstock. With good adaptability of feedstock, RHT series catalyst can
process various types of feedstock with different level of sulfur, nitrogen and metal. RHT series
catalyst has high hydrodesulfurization, hydrodenitrogenation activity and Conradson Carbon
Resid (CCR) removal ability. According to properties of feedstock, the operation cycle is usually
16-24 months.


FZC-2 Series HDM Catalyst

Fixed bed resid hydrotreating unit

FZC-2 series catalyst is designed to perform HDM function in resid hydrotreating unit. FZC-2
series catalyst exhibits great ability in metal tolerance, metal removal and asphaltene conversion.
FZC-2 series catalyst can tolerate metal content as high as 90% of its own weight which
contributes long cycle life.


FZC-3 Series HDS Catalyst

Fixed bed resid hydrotreating unit

FZC-3 series catalyst is designed to perform the hydrodesulphurization function in resid
hydrotreating unit. FZC-3 series catalyst has suitable pore size distribution and reactivity, which
can reduce effect of internal diffusion limitation on HDS activity. Average HDS rate can reach


FZC-4 Series HDCCR Catalyst

Fixed bed resid hydrotreating unit

FZC-4 series catalyst is designed to perform Conradson Carbon Resid (CCR) removal function in
Resid hydrotreating unit. With improved pore structure, strengthened interaction between active
metal and supports, and better utilization of active metal, FZC-4 series catalyst shows excellent
hydrogenation and High HDCCR ability.


FE Series Ebullated Bed Resid Hydrotreating Catalyst

Ebullated bed resid hydrotreating unit

It is suitable for ebullated bed process for treating inferior feedstocks, such as resid and coal
oven tar, etc. With big pore volume and pore size, FE series catalyst has very good ability in the
asphaltene conversion and demetallization.
After ebullated bed hydrogenation process, the properties of effluent are obviously improved:
removal rate of metal (nickel and vanadium), sulphur, CCR, conversion rate of heavy fraction is
up to 98%, 95%, 85%, 85% respectively.


FZC/FGF Series Guard Bed Catalyst

FZC-12B/12B-3/12B-5/12B-6/100B/105/106/103D/103E/1MN/2MN/3MN, FGF-01/02
Fixed bed resid hydrotreating unit

FZC/FGF series catalyst is the guard catalyst. With high porosity and high surface area, FZC/
FGF series catalyst can capture and accommodate more Fe and Ca to protect bulk catalyst and
prevent rapid growth of bed pressure drop. At the same time, FZC/FGF series catalyst have
narrow pore size dis tribution and appropriate reaction activity gradient which make them have
excellent asphaltene conversion ability.



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