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Titania Based Claus Catalyst

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Titania Based Claus Catalyst

Titania Based Claus Catalyst
it is extruded titanium dioxide Claus SRU catalyst, which is designed for hydrolysis COS and CS2 to H2S.

Titania Based Claus Catalyst offers 95-100% COS hydrolysis rate and 90-95% CS2 hydrolysis rate at reaction temperature of 280-340°C. Its excellent performance is due to a sophisticated manufacturing process and proprietary promoter.

Titania Based Claus Catalyst can achieve long service life while maintaining high conversion due to superior resistance to sulfation and hydrothermal aging.


Product Properties
Composition: TiO2 + Proprietary Promoter>90%
Form: Cylinder: 3-4 mm diameter
Sock-loading Density: 910 kg / m3 ± 5% depending on loading technique
Crush Strength: 10 kg
Loss on Ignition: 5%
Packaging: 180 kg in 200 liter metal drums, 1000 kg in 1,100 liter super sacks (IBC flexible)

Associated Applications
Titania Based Claus Catalyst extruded titanium dioxide Claus SRU catalyst is designed for hydrolysis COS and CS2 to H2 for Sulfur Recovery Unit.


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